The mission of this website is to encourage all races and genders to learn one of our almost forgotten ancient Martial Art of Pilipino hand and foot fighting.

Main Headquarters - Spring Valley, CA.

OFFICIAL WEB SITE for GGM Carlito A. Lanada, Sr. and the I.K.F./K.N.P./N.A.T.O. that represents the Pilipino martial art of KUNTAW, as sanctioned by the Philippines Security Exchange Commission, Registered No. CN200262127.

Affiliated organizations: Kuntaw ng Pilipinas, Kuntaw New York, Kuntaw Canada, Kuntaw U.A.E., Kuntaw Saudi Arabia, Kuntaw Great Britain, Kuntaw Austrialia, Kuntaw Hong Kong, Kuntaw Ireland!

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"SINCE May 1999"